knight king.
knight king.
... martyr

a body admired as a dragon in human form.
Arthuria Pendragon

Hic iacet Arthurus,
Rex Quondam,
Rexque Futurus.


{ citta alveare }





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✗ - A ship I can’t stand

     { Laughs. Let me tell you about Gil x Saber. 

     In most instances, most people seem to fail to realise that the whole basis for Gil ‘lusting’ after Saber is not in any way affectionate. Gilgamesh is a type of character who enjoys seeing others suffer or gains some sort of happiness out of their misery. The lust one sees in the series is the lust of seeing a girl break. He doesn’t want to truly marry her because he loves her, but rather, he wants to make her submit to him and break her. To Gilgamesh she is but a toy, an object to entertain him so much as to experiment upon (because little woman king who martyrises herself? hello, let’s break that strong spirit!). He relishes upon the fact that she fights against him and does not submit to him. If there were ever a time when she does submit, he would simply throw her away. 

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     [❆] “You…" This girl bore an unsettling resemblance to Noel Vermillion, one that churned the Major’s stomach. "I suppose there’s more trash in this city than I initially thought.

     Eyebrows immediately furrow, the usual calm veneer that swathes her very person is shattered by a shroud of irascibility thereupon listening to listless words that spill forth from the stranger man’s mouth. How truly uncouth—did he have a death wish?

    The only trash that I foresee are the words that spout from your soiled mouth.


     { when you have the muse but no motivation to write… }


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          There was little point in giving the knight a second look to make sure her assumptions were correct. The Knight of Knights was the Knight of Knights, and Irisviel only needed that glance after all the time they had spent in one another’s presence. King Arthur was the type of individual you just couldn’t help but look at, after all.


Boop!" Perhaps it had been a little childish of her to creep up behind the Eirei and reach around to boop her on the nose, however. But little fun was to be had if you didn’t live spontaneously once in a while.

     Not oft can one successfully take the King of Knights by surprise. Has she overstayed her welcome? Perhaps her sojourn within the confines of this vast metropolis has dulled her senses, so much that she was not capable of truly comprehending the nature of the peculiar action that follows thereafter. Delicate touch upon her nose incites within the Eirei a curious notion of nostalgia— perhaps not the kind that she has witnessed in the past but one that screams of remembrance for a particular mien. 

     With a single bead of sweat rolling downward, it takes Saber a moment to finally assay the presence that seeks an audience— familiar wintry tresses, the same voice that once called upon her in the eves of war… 


    All else is forgotten. The simple touch to the nose is but past; muscles stiffen and beryl eyes widen in extreme stupefaction. 

     “But— how?

godxfthunder inquires thus;
wanna go get drunk king?

     There is something strangely otherworldly about this particular individual that the knight king cannot place a finger on. The aura he exudes is unlike any other— perhaps supernatural in that it rivals the celestials that reign supreme on the Heavens above. Peculiar it is, for his speech is much like the modern lingo of the youth of today— and although she is not necessarily accustomed to much of their phrases she comprehends justly what he offers.


     But of course, comes a reply filled with might, a single hand hovers above the small of her chest as she peers upon the giant, almost defiant but at the same time volitional. It would be an honour to have a drink with thee, but to thee I pose a query—

     She switches her speaking pattern— clearly influenced by the attire the stranger male dons. He is not of this world— indeed, otherworldly— and the words he had spoken do not seem quite fitting to the nature he exudes. Her sentence falls short and she proffers a light, blithe smile. An Eirei’s inability to become inebriated can be thought as a benison in some respects— to drink countless upon countless of cups of the same alcohol that seeks to poison a mortal’s shell is both a blessing and a curse.

     Art thou capable of holding thy drink?

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{ ❣ & ☄. hey there l(ion king)isha. ; ) }

hey there u mega loser. ;) 

❣ - An unpopular opinion I have

     One thing I have a lot of qualms with is when people say that Saber in Fate/Stay Night is no longer ‘in-character’ because they believe she is too ‘girly’ and that she loses all her sense of ‘knighthood’ or the ‘cool aura’ of knightliness that she exudes prior to her interactions with Shirou, Rin, and the rest of the F/SN cast. One has to realise that Saber as an individual was never subjected to being treated as a girl growing up, let alone during her reign. She knows she is a girl, and it is clearly evident. She has lived most of her childhood being raised as a son by Sir Ector, and treated as a brother by Sir Kay. They knew of her true gender of course but regardless she was raised as a knight for only men were capable of becoming knights in that age and time. When one tries to completely disregard Saber’s ‘girly qualities’ in F/SN, they are essentially erasing the vast amount of character development she undertakes during the entirety of the Fate Route. From Fate/Zero one already understands how much suffering she has gone through. She is an individual hardened by years of endless wars in her past, and the war that she was subjected to— the fourth holy grail war where her own master, the man whose summons she answered for she believed he was a suitable comrade of war, betrayed the trust she placed upon him as a servant, by making her destroy the only item that she believed would bring salvation to her country (which she believed she has failed). By the beginning of F/SN she is pretty much indurated by the events that happened in the war prior. The fact that Shirou imposes upon her the very fact that she’s actually a girl and treats her like one is so utterly foreign to her, she becomes frustrated (because how is she to react, truly? the concept is strange to her) but as the series progresses, she begins to learn, to realise what it means to be a human because as a girl she is capable of learning what it means to feel things other than anger and frustration (and the ounce of slight happiness that appears briefly in the fourth Heaven’s Feel). Just because she learns how to be a girl does not mean she is out of character. She is still the same knight king she was before she was subjected to all these foreign treatments. 

☄ - My opinion of you

     Wow okay where do I even begin with you because holy crap, Hinnie, Hinnie. Heiney. You are basically the stars of all stars, and I am absolutely glad that I was able to meet you and get to know you better. I think you’re an incredibly down-to-earth individual who doesn’t take shit from people— incredibly kind and caring to boot, basically a mama bird in all sense of the word. You’re one of the #realest people I’ve met thus far and it’s really a breath of fresh hair seeing someone who doesn’t hold back when she has an opinion. The fact that you go out of your way to help those who need the aid is extremely admirable and just holds your hand because award for fluffliest and friendliest bird in all existence. 

     I’m glad I was able to get to know you better after all these months ( has it even been a year yet?? almost). I really like how our friendship kicked into gear when I told you to play Hatoful Boyfriend you silly butt of a bird and bc Lauren was being a cutie pie (she’s always a cutie pie. unlike u. jk. ilu hinnie). I thoroughly enjoy your company (screwin’ around on our personals as always, me and drag def not sending you 39487293847 asks to your personal) and hope to watch more animu with you in the future (and cry about white-haired bishies like, holy crap mononoke bye). I hope to someday have some sort of long philosophical talk about absolutely anything because h e l l o I like having intellectual talks about absolutely anything and hearing your opinions on certain topics is definitely a plus. You’ve got an extraordinary insight on so many topics and things that occur… Just. Gives you a bird-shaped award. Always. 

    One of these days I’m finally going to get my own laptop and a working mic so I can actually stay up with you and the rest of the losers on Skype and have some sort of long-arse skype call. Make sure to always take care of yourself as well, and I’ll be rooting you on your way on becoming the best lawyer in all of existence. I’ll def make sure to hire you as my lawyer when you become licensed. Everyone’s gotta hire Hinnie when she becomes a lawyer. 

     You’ll always and forever be the birdshie trash to my otome game trash self. 

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☑ - A fact about the character

☑ - A fact about the character

     Once upon a time in her past life, a certain mage by the name of Myrddin Emrys ( otherwise known as Merlyn ) used to teach her magic. Or at least, attempted to. Much to say the least Saber’s ability to learn magic did not end so well… Merlyn himself is an incredibly mischievous character to boot, and you can only imagine how many times she and he have butted heads. Saber’s dislike for elderly, perverted men come from her experiences with Merlyn. You can only imagine how many dastardly pranks and irksome child-like behaviour would put anyone on edge. For an individual who could not necessarily feel it would take a lot to nudge her far off the edge. 

     Much to say the least however, Saber is nonetheless indebted to him for his prowess and wisdom. Just… if you are a lady keep your underwear away from a shady hooded old-man.

     Chances are, he will try to womanise you + steal your underwear. 

Anonymous inquires thus;

⋆ - A ship I have with my character

     Saber x Holy Grail. I do not really ‘ship’ her with anyone, per se. I don’t generally have any ships. That does not go without saying that I do not enjoy the canon relationships that she does have, though. Whether they are romantic or platonic, any relationships Saber has in the series I do not mind and can enjoy. My priority is always chemistry over all else, however. Can I get a hell yeah for platonic relationships?

     Although, my single OTP for Saber tho is Saber x Food.

     A l w a y s

☑ - A fact about the character x 2. 

     One thing one needs to understand about Saber’s character is that she is the epitome of a martyr in the beginning to throughout the majority of the series (a huge portion of the Fate route, if I may add). Saber is willing to sacrifice absolutely anything to bring salvation, peace, prosperity, and safety to her country. In her eyes, there is nothing more important than her, as a King, to serve her people. To her, being a King means not to be revered by the people and be lauded as the ultimate ruler, but it means for her to ultimately prostate herself in the name of her country. Of course being the ‘perfect king’ is what she had in mind when she decided to remove the sword in the stone. The ‘perfect king’ that her people deserved because they deserved to live during a time where Britain flourished— where the country would remove itself from its dark age that settled over the country while her father, Uther Pendragon, ruled. You’re talking about a 15-16 year old girl who was faced with the burden of shouldering the challenges of being a ruler at such a young age— and the fact alone that she was told that the moment she removed the sword from the stone and anvil that her humanity would be lost… The inability to feel, to have any emotions, to be able to empathise or sympathise with anyone— she discarded all her personal whims and desires for the sake of her people. That of course would be a major flaw in her ideals as if she cannot sympathise with individuals, let alone her people, how would she understand how they felt

     Another tidbit if you have not known yet is that Saber is basically King Arthur. xoxo. 

вє ᴄαʀєƒυʟ ωнαт уσυ ωιѕн ƒσʀ ♛ єνєɴт
Diarmuid >> Sakura >> Archer >> Shirou >>
Jehanne >> Saber >> Lancer >> Kiritsugu


Assimilation: 88%



                Is the pain brought on from exhaustion, conflict from my future self, and the innate irritation at myself for letting something like this happen. I left my horse behind. It’s my own breathing that’s heaving. I had to see it for myself, so I desperately ran with all I had alongside Archer’s horse. It’s quite amazing that I can keep pace with something like that for so long, but then again, I had forced what little magecraft I could use into my legs at that point.

                Yet…this sight is making my head boil. I feel like I’ve jammed my skull into a microwave and let the radiation off. This is something that shouldn’t happen, as I wanted to never allow it to happen.

                The Grail and Sakura’s corruption were something I alone had experienced, and I wanted to keep it as much of a secret as I could from the rest of everyone. If I had been able to do that, I would have been content to live a normal life, free of all the troubles that had happened there.

                So this image isn’t something I can allow. Sakura’s just as she was before. But she should be limited by the scientists, right? No. I can’t allow myself to excuse that defilement just because of that. Even Archer knows that.


                Of course I’ll protect her. I’ve gone further for her than anything else. This one deep-seated desire to keep her smiling is the first wish I’ve genuinely had for myself ever since the calamity of that day.

                “——Yeah, Archer. If you have a problem with that, I’m certain no Heroic Spirit would allow you to murder a girl who’s not done anything wrong yet.”


    Betwixt monstrous creatures and obstacles of mystical nature does armour chime, soles conveying her petite physique swifter than a steed might do. A gathering, something which has draw intrigue, which draws her ever near to the positions of those in search of the Grail itself. Before long she arrives, enough to cease any movement to hearken upon their current conversation, merely perusing the ambiance which encumbers them so. One step is taken to reveal herself soon after, howsoever, whilst low vocables chime in with a nod in greeting to the Eirei she is already acquainted.


    "Yet," the word is thus emphasized, eyes flicking from each countenance present. "Do not speak for others when you know nothing of their stances."

    Coral lips pull downward, displaying that of a minuscule frown whilst silvern lines swath the assimilating citizen, violaceous hues narrowing upon the reading she receives. Darkness, something nigh unfathomable by that of her own scan, forewarning this Ruler in an array of possible, seeping hazards. "Threats are best eliminated before collateral damage surfaces, however is best suited. Were they genuine to being a hero, which do you believe they would select if they knew the outcome? Her, or the multitude of innocent lives at stake," her voice firm in retort to such statements as his.

    Pausing, she keeps both eyes focused upon the woman of argued innocence, before speaking yet again. "Three others approach this way swiftly," she utters in notice, permitting them knowledge to guard themselves if necessary.


     “No words ring truer than what she proffers.

     ’Neath the festering sounds of vocables and footfalls amalgamating, there stands she who appears amidst the foliage that encircles the current congregation of Eireis. Dressed in her armour is she, each step creating a continuous, repetitive chime of metal that rings like the vocables since uttered by the accompanying dame who is swift in her assay. This strange gathering is not so much peculiar, but the workings of a remarkable twist of fate


     Eyes of verdigris fall upon he who Jehanne addresses— the familiar auburn coiffure difficult to dismiss thereupon further inspection. They belong to Emiya, Shirou. Her master. And yet… there is something particularly off about him that she cannot truly vocalise. The connection between them as master-servant can no longer be felt. 

     The distinction can be made— he is not the Emiya Shirou who once she called ‘Master.’ 

     She has seen the events that unfold thusly when one is blinded by their own whims and desires— to protect those who are dear… versus the assurance that the future of the world would progress to be. The knight king proffers an old comrade— Diarmuid— a slight nod of greeting whilst she addresses the other. 

When push came to pull, it was inevitable

     “What Ruler speaks of is the truth, and it is inevitable. One must take into consideration the safety of individuals as a whole as opposed to saving one, and one soul alone. It is a precaution for the greater good. Her words are without mercy, evident in her stance whilst she approaches and halts beside the purple-clad servant. With a glance towards Sakura, she understood of what would come to be. 

     “As I am sure you would agree, Lancer.

     It is her turn to address yet another who joins their company— one that she herself believes strange in the regard she is unlike many others. A dragon by her legend, Saber gazes upon the servant Lancer of another Heaven’s Feel. 

     What once appeared to be a group ready to tackle on a quest became a peculiar right of passage on morality



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