knight king.
... martyr

a body admired as a dragon in human form.
Arthuria Pendragon

Hic iacet Arthurus,
Rex Quondam,
Rexque Futurus.


{ citta alveare }





rentafriend | saber&mukuro


to: random
from: Mukuro Ikusaba
     Looking for private transportation, will pay for services, 
gasoline,and food if desired. For this evening's tanabata
celebration, anytime is fine. Price can be negotiated
upon arrival.


     Anything to avoid large crowds on her own.

to: Mukuro Ikusaba
from: Saber.

     {1/3} I shall be willing to give you aid if you require it. Money is of little
                consequence, however. I’ve a working motorcycle if you do not
                mind that mode of transport.
     {2/3} Although… food does sound quite tempting—
     {3/3} … My apologies. Where, pray tell, may I find you?


     How curious indeed. Emerald gaze falls upon her small cellular phone, finalising her reply before sending it through. Perhaps it is time for her to relish in the festivities that have ensnared the souls of the citizens.

"I ask you.
Are you my master?"

Saber’s wishes:

  1. Salvation of her country.
  2. Salvation of her country.
  3. The holy grail to wish for the salvation of her country.
  4. Salvation of her country.
  5. Good food.
  6. Salvation of her country.
  7. Archer needs to cook for her someday.
  8. ? ? ?  Salvation of her country.
elusivemaster inquires thus;
Don't chase the rabbit

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Brother, brother! I bring joyful news!

     Like wildfire does he vociferate across the vast field, a regaling tonality that ensnares the attention of the otherwise faraway youth, whose eyes of verdigris blink not twice, but thrice. Her mind is overdistrait with worries otherwise unknown by he who calls upon her— a brother, a friend. These eyes peer upon an uncouth youth similar to herself, ambling his way across the verdant fields with the trepidation of a mighty horse. In his wake, he leaves a torrent of dust, kicked from the quickness of his feet and although his garbs become dirtier than he is accustomed to; the gaiety that swathes his features alone a sign of things to come.

     And what joyful news do you bring, dear brother Kay? she inquires within once he reaches where she stands, tending to the horses in which he has kindly left her to cover for him while he gallivanters off the forest. Kay’s smile grows in size whilst a single hand moves to pat the small back of his brother.
     Have you not heard? The great wizard Merlyn has conjured up a way to finally pick out a King—! And guess what? he shouts with much enthusiasm, enthusiasm that Arthur is oft privy to seeing whenever Kay has much to exclaim about.
     And what else may there be?
     Festivities! Lots of festivities! And a chance for us to finally prove ourselves as Knights in a jousting tournament. Don’t you see, Arthur? We can be real Knights! We will show the realms of our strength and valour!

There is only much she can do to match her brother’s enthusiasm.

     What’s the matter, Arthur? Are you not happy? Kay queries thoughtfully, gazing upon the smaller girl’s face. He can see she is troubled— about what though, he does not know. Usually festivities of any kind would elate his younger sibling, but as of right now, that faraway look upon her very visage is enough to alarm him. Quickly does his hands fly to his brother’s shoulders, gripping them tightly, his eyes searing holes through her very person. They peered into her soul like daggers, his lips pursed tightly as he gently (and though technically very aggressively) shook his brother. Are you hurt?! Are you wounded?! Who must I slay—?!

     Kay— I am fine, she sighs finally, her hands moving to grasp his. It’s been a long day. And you did, after all, leave me with your chores at the stables.

     A small nervous titter is heard, and Kay allows his arms to fall limp beside him. O-of course… Heavens above, do not frighten me like that again, do you hear? I’ve had it once with the lions in your dreams— but for you to look so forlorn? It almost looks like you’ve seen a ghost!

It is her turn to look at her brother quizzically.

     I thought you were afraid of ghosts.

     Clearing his throat rather loudly, the boy moves to pet the horse that his brother had been tending to. I heard there will be a free banquet for anyone who enters. Will you not come, Arthur?
     It is her turn to purse her lips, eyebrows furrowed as she contemplates his words. A free banquet, was it…? Although the food Sir Ector has made for them was enough for her, perhaps a meal fit for all the realms to envisage would be something she should partake in…
     … I heard there will be roasted pork.
     Count me in. An immediate response.
     Fantastic! I’ll let Papa know and we’ll be on our way!

     Again, she watches her brother’s back disappear into the horizon towards their humble home. And now, her shoulders slump whilst a look of sadness eases its way across her face.

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     An entire year was, while not surprising, certainly unfortunate. The mere thought of existing within this place for such a grandiose amount of time would have easily brought frustrations to the Prince. But, for someone such as her, a year was not too long.

     Immortals held time in different regards, compared to others.

     Half that time. It seems you’re my senior here then… my sympathies, truly. … Thank you for the offer. Likewise, however— if there’s anything I can assist you with, I’d be happy to help. I like to think I’ve adapted quite well to this place, by now…

     Adaptation was the key to success, and she had done a fine job of it. It seemed as if her companion had also adapted well enough by now, though with her earlier query, it seemed that she had yet to understand the modern age humans all that well, as of yet… as it seemed, anyways. … However, there were other more interesting matters to pose query, at the moment.

     ”… By the way, Saber… you too are that of nobility, are you not? Miko suddenly starts, eyeing the knight with a seemingly knowing look. Ah, forgive me if that’s sudden. But the look in your eyes…


     It’s more than certain the look of a leader.

     There were more interesting things about this armor-clad woman, however. Her overall presence, for example, was otherworldly… human, yet not-so-human. She had a presence much akin to that of a spirit…

     A divine spirit, perhaps? One much like herself… or something else? It was hard to say.

     With a laugh, Miko casually adds, That, and I’m rather good at analyzing others, you see.

      With a single nod does the blue knight acquiesce to the words that are proffered, comprehending fully and at the same time whilst accepting the reciprocated services. The situation they currently have the pleasure to be privy to can only be seen as more of a burden than any other cause. Taken forcibly from their homes (not that she’d call Fuyuki her home— for her home had despaired when she failed her people) would only provide volatile results, and the many occurrences that have impugned on the very freedom the citizens wished to have could only be thought as kill or be killed. 

     Such is the way the belligerents of this venue operated— it is yet another fight for the survival of the fittest. 

     What catches the knight off guard however, is the query that is presented thereafter. There is no sense denying the truth before a fellow noble— one who too, stands with exemplar height, with the might of regality upon their very shoulders. 


      “Indeed, it is as you say," a simple retort, dignified by the pride of a knight who holds steadfast in her ideals.A leader? Perhaps that is what my fellow comrades would call me… but I do not believe myself as such. Certain bitterness twines with vocables that are spoken— a mere moment’s of melancholy reigns supreme. 

     Her gaze turns then, back to Miko and shares a smile, albeit a small one. That, I can tell. You are a fellow noble as well— the air you hold… it is quite unique. Eyebrow is quirked, and the blue knight purses her lips, brows furrowed— fully contemplative. Pray tell, if you do not mind my asking, Miko. Have you perhaps ruled before as well?

whispers, good luck to the mun and all their doings


Anonymous inquires thus;


     … Must I speak of the woman who has eaten my Haagan Dazs ice cream who does not realise that the ice cream is created and manufactured in America? I demand another rematch—! A rematch which I so readily deserve for our previous one was interrupted when you sat on my master.

     Have you forgotten? You will owe me three fried shrimp to compensate for the ice cream you’ve greedily stolen from me.

     … But I must say, I commend her for her tact and bravery. To steal from a King— truly takes courage. I shall see that I will remain victorious should we have a rematch.

saintism inquires thus;
saintism *~

     “A formidable ally, indeed.

     I’ve read books of her legends— the dame who has led her country through victory through trifling times; Jehanne is an individual I can commend for her passion and dedication. Although my country and hers have warred quite a ways during a time I have not been privy to, her kindness to see past that despite my country of origin is admirable. Although we are quite so enemies— in formality, she refrains from speaking of the war they both partake in, for rules dictate that those who are not privy to the war cannot know of its existence. —she remains amiable. For the time being she has allowed me to have quarters in her house to replace the small accommodations proffered by the Scientists..

     Should you ever find yourself in the presence of Jehanne, fret not for she is as pure as her heart is. Quite righteously so.

     … although perhaps, I should teach her some maths…

cambixn inquires thus;
this url bc i have a lot

     Taking a deliberate moment to assess the name that is proffered, the knight king cannot help but help muster a light titter (for this restraint is shown for the sake of saving the boy from any embarrassment).

     “I will say, I do not quite know this boy quite well. It is only in passing that I’ve seen him from time to time, although who he is or where he is from does not come to mind quite so easily. He is but a boy who has stolen from me a prized possession. The food of a knight should not be trifled with! I demand he be met with justice"

     It is then her words cut off abruptly.


     “…I have mistaken you for another. My apologies. His peculiar jokes are rather remarkable, however… I applaud him for his peculiar ‘puns.’Perhaps one should teach this thief how not to steal. And how to walk correctly on the concrete floor… he seems to trip over thin air as if his life depends on it.

zaiteki inquires thus;

    Shirou is… a formidable ally. I will not deny when I say there are instances where I wish what I say does register in his very mind—or rather, if he allowed me to fight as his servant for that is what I am summoned for. He has an unremarkably kind heart, one that I oft do not see within many. An individual who fights for what he believes in, for his ideals… I see part of myself in him. Perchance someday he shall entertain me in a cup of tea and some biscuits…

     Or a meal? A meal would be quite gratifying. Perhaps I’ve failed to mention he is a rather astute cook— an incredible cook. Should you ever find the chance to greet him, do inquire within for a chance to taste his dishes. I do rather like the bentos he makes when he goes off to school. I shall remind myself to ask for him to prepare some for me…