sympathy for the devil.
  ... martyr

                  a body admired as a dragon in human form.

Arthuria Pendragon

Hic iacet Arthurus,
Rex Quondam,
Rexque Futurus.









     [ i just want to take this moment to say how much i appreciate every single one of you— and how much all your lovely messages today lifted up my spirits. by a lot. it means so much to me and i am extremely honoured and happy that what i do as a hobby can inspire or at the very least, intrigue/engage others enough to actually reading—! thank you so much for being there, i would send you all flowers and the like but unfortunately saber’s lion ate them all— ] 

pokes with tail

     Muscles stiffen immediately upon contact— movements ceasing as the strangest sensation of a nudge… from an animal’s tail greeted her arm. She half expected it to belong to a feline— a cat— or some sort of dog. And yet, what greeted beryl eyes were much different than what she’d originally surmised, causing for her to move away, somewhat startled from the owner of said tail. 



     Peering at the tail, Saber immediately gazed back at the familiar face of the boy who’d often troubled her with food (although, their last encounter was measured as a means of a peace offering). Perplexed, she truly was at the sight of the tail. An animal? Some sort of chimera? His mien alone did not shout: animal! But rather: ? ? ? ?

     Just what exactly, was he?

     “… Are you an animal?

♡♥❦✿☆ ! tbh, i could've sent you all of them, but these were my favorite things about your writing-- i feel as though you /really/ understand saber, & i'll always love the fact that /you/ love her the way you do. it's really pleasing to see you on the dash, and i overall just really adore following you, whether we interact or not ! i strongly believe that you are actually saber.
Tell me what you like about my writing-- 


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♛: Sharing a dessert


♛: Sharing a dessert.

          Kind is Her Grace——Indeed, tender touch and sharing
          a milder delight felt almost pitying in a way for the
          juggernaut laced in that armor rusted and 
          but nonetheless invincible as ever. The fruit, and all of
          that forbidden ecstasy that bled the colors of happiness
          seemed only to remind the soldier of just how old he
          really was in this blood-soaked world he called a life,
          something that continued and came crimson and full of
          nasty juice that just drowned everything in red.

          Still, something to be said about the gesture. Kingly looks
          meant to a dame’s, and the knightly hand that shares
          does so only with the best of intent for that old soldier
          inside ( who’s seen only hell and worse for so long ) and
          praise him so.

          So, how could he deny this pleasure?

♡♥❥ you've basically been one of my writing inspirations ever since I picked up Tamamo as a muse. I consider you among the many who helped me develop as a writer myself just by reading your interactions :)
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♡♥❥❣❦✿✤☆☄: I'd never even heard of the Fate series before but after reading your threads and coming to understand your wonderful portrayal of Saber, it's really piqued my interest in maybe getting into it! From what I've heard and seen, you do a beautiful job with Saber as your muse, so please continue to keep up the good work, Saber-mun!
Tell me what you like about my writing-- 

     [ ahh— thank you so much! it always makes me happy if an individual is intrigued enough to get into a series that i adoure with all my heart, and i definitely do recommend for you to read/watch the fate series if you ever do have the chance! i really do appreciate this, so very much. i can only express my sentiment when i say that i have adoure your inigo portrayal fromafartotallyfromafar. i do hope we get to role’play sometime in the near future! ] 

nobody likes you sa(tan)ber get out [everything though you are a great writer ♥]
Tell me what you like about my writing-- 

     [ say that to my face, boy, and i’ll show you what it means to be the devil’s son. how dare. grounds you for five thousand years. ]

♡♥❥❣❦✿✤☆☄: you dont just rp saber you are saber
Tell me what you like about my writing-- 

… Quietly peers at the computer screen.

     [ shoot. i’ve been found out.

     it is i, arthuria pendragon. ]

[ R a M 1.0 ]



✵ ➥ drown in your ideals and die

    A voice that had once been a blessing in his life was now a curse. The muscles in his back tightened in reaction. His arms still outstretched on either door stiffening as his hands put a deathly grip onto the frame. It must be a trick of the mind. She was no longer here thus hearing her was impossible. It was just his foolish memories playing tricks on him yet again.

        This had happened several times to him already.

Saber seemed more like a spirit in his life now than when she was actually beside him in combat. Everything about her had been so human. Her body something that he could touch, admire, one couldn’t say the same about an apparition. 

    He sought to ignore the cry for his voice. Relaxation beginning to settle in him till she spoke yet again. Who are you. He turned abruptly when hearing that. The flames in his eyes lit anew at the sight of her. Inside his head was screaming her name lovingly. The blood coursing through his veins increasing in speed at the summoning of his heart. 

        Who are you.

It caused him to falter in so many ways. He was uncertain if she meant that towards his very identity, or towards the man he was becoming. The boy of hopes and dreams still remained but the idiocy had vanished. She had done a fine job of stripping that from him in the most unkind of ways.

    "You aren’t real." Finally he replied with neither a question nor an answer. His heart was beating but he was unsure whether it was with rage or affection. No doubt a mixture of the two. "It’s impossible for you to be here right now." There was no Holy Grail any longer, his hand reminded him every day that she wasn’t bound to him either.

    What kind of cruel game was being played on him right now. She couldn’t have possibly reconsidered and decided to stay in this time with him. That was impossible. Her rejections before had been all too clear.

✴ — and yet there are no regrets. 

     She understood the severity of the situation— why she, of all individuals had decided to partake the role of a passenger, to enter the memories of another… yes, this is what she sought out to do— she had to help /him/, whoever he truly was. He was not the Emiya, Shirou she knew of, he was not the master who called forth upon her on that fateful night. 

     And yet the familiarity screamed at her like a ferocious beast, rearing its head in her direction ready to strike if one wrong move was to be taken. His denial of her presence troubled her greatly— for what reason did he deny her existence? 

    "You aren’t real."

     His words echoed like an endless cacophony— vigorous, ever so grating to the ears. She shirked from those words, lips pursed as she willed herself to move on foward. Bear it

     One step. Two steps. Three steps were taken forward. Every single step was a step closer to the boy who seemed so strangely familiar, and yet at the same time, so foreign. Saber did not, could not, comprehend why he’d spoken the words he had spoken. This was his memory, she reminded herself. His. Not hers. It was her task to help him. Whether or not this was a shadow of Emiya, Shirou, or truly he himself— she would have to see. She had to try

     “I am real. I am here.” Her words were slow, gradual as she continued in her steps. She came closer now, perhaps too close for his comfort. He was confused— and she had to help. 


     A single hand moved forward, reaching out. 

    Of all things you question real or not— you question my existence? Her voice is somewhat airy, almost sarcastic. 

     And now that hand found his face. 

     “I am as real as the hand that touches you.” 


"High tea, I suppose?"

If the words were meant amicably, the sheer flatness of their spoken tone did a poor job showing it. Vergil cast a disgruntled glance about them, unamused as ever by the disruptiveness of the ruffians with whom he’d unfortunately kidnapped. “I would…ordinarily not make such a request, but —” But what? Uncharacteristically lost for words, Vergil flicked a wrist toward the stupidity around them. The stupidity that had evidently taken the majority of the tables around them. He rested a hand on the back of the chair opposite her, and apparently felt no need for further explanation. “May I?”

     Were it not for the slight familiarity of the visage that greeted her alone, Saber would’ve thought she’d inadvertently solicited the company of a highly grouchy individual. The ruckus alone bothered her very little— capable of rearing her mind far from the confines of this extraordinarily palpable hell that was Hive City with a simple look the other way. … Nay, I do not mind whatsoever. Please, do sit. Gently, she set her cup down, the light clink! of the China drowned by the hubbub that quaked around them. Her invitation had been nothing but amiable— surely, this man was indeed in dire need of tea. 


     “I would not be so bold to call it high tea, however. Admittedly, she’d not once thought of it as such. Although I would have much preferred another venue… this was the only one available. Allow me,as she spoke, she stood from her seat to raise the teapot that sat snugly by the rest of the China she’d brought with her before pouring a cup for the unnamed companion who’d joined her. And now, she returned to the comfort of her seat and tea, savouring the arouma before taking a small sip. 

     “I am known as Saber. A pleasure.